Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fun With Props: The "Psy Fi" Channel

In every good film, there's attention to detail. I'm happy to say, you'll find plenty of that in
Ghosts Don't Exist.

One such detail involves a fictitious cable network—which we had to create from scratch. (Sort of.)

As you know by now, our story centers around celebrated TV ghost hunter,
Brett Wilson. He and his team have a phenomenally successful show, much like the SciFi Channel hit, Ghost Hunters. To convey this, we started from the beginning—by establishing a fictitious brand.

We needed a brand that would instantly convey the essence of the SciFi Channel, without plagiarizing or mocking the original. Unit Production Manager Kathryn Coombs suggested the name, "Psy Fi"—a play on "psychological" and "science" fiction, given the nature of paranormal reporting. And being the graphic designer, I had the fun chore of developing a logo.

The PsyFi News logo, along with some additional prototypes

The Psy Fi News logo would be used across a number of platforms, in order to convey its range throughout the film. Some of the things we had to create:

  • wall-mounted signage for the network executive boardroom
  • a branded notebook for field reporter Lindsay
  • motion graphics for the actual Brett Wilson interview footage.

When it all comes together, our Psy Fi pseudo-network certainly feels like the real deal. Of course, it also helps tremendously when you have very real media folks—pros like Lindsay Czarniak and Mike O'Meara staffing it! ;)


  1. Cool detail!
    If this was Hawaii, we would call it the Tsai-fi network!

  2. It works...a a website that looks like the channel to promote movie...there would be different shows on the site showing the nature of the channel...then have the trailer for the movie on the site as though it was a cable show that people have not heard about...