Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ghost Hunters: a Familiar Location!

If you watched Ghost Hunters on SyFy last night, you might have noticed something familiar. Jason, Grant, and the team investigated the Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre in Prince William County, Virginia—the first location the producers of Ghosts Don't Exist visited when meeting John Warfield of DCMAG last October!

The DCMAG crew has documented numerous paranormal experiences in the historic courthouse and jail over the course of many investigations, and it was interesting to watch the TAPS team retrace our footsteps!

So, did they find anything? You'll have to watch the episode.

And what about us—did
we find anything? You'll have to wait for the DVD. ;) In the meantime, here are a few photos from our very first paranormal investigation—a tour of the Brentsville site with DCMAG, which ultimately led to their being used as consultants on the film!

We interviewed John Warfield at the Brentsville Courthouse for a bonus feature on the Ghosts Don't Exist DVD!

The Brentsville Jail... No lights, no electricity!

Aaron, Donnie, Eric, and Tanner in what is purportedly one of the most active rooms of the haunted Brentsville jail.

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