Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's Here!

The enhanced version of Ghost Capture for your iPhone is now available!

For just 99 cents, (with all sales going to help the film) you can get the eagerly-awaited full version of the popular app—which includes 20 brand new "ghosts" (30 total) to inhabit your photos!

If you've tried the original app, you know why it's been a hit. We've been getting some terrific stories from users, such as this one from "Cedar Park Tx":
"What makes this so cool is the ability to quickly punk someone. I took a picture of my wife on the stairs of our new home... In seconds I added a ghostly Victorian girl behind her. I suggested I send the photo to her girlfriend to show off our house. Within a minute she called wanting to know about the little girl in the photo and of course I played dumb. It TOTALLY freaked them out. It's being able to do slight of hand right in front of victims that makes this idea work. My only request is for a wider variety of ghosts, but by all means keep it simple like it is now. Great job guys!!"
We also get some that are funny in a darker sense, like this one from "Albert D":
"Ya, works too well. I deleted this app. I took a pic of a friend's dining room and placed the image of the little girl in the center and made her barely visible and sent it to my friend. He got so emotional. I deleted the pic from his computer and all settings, only to find out later he spent $100 on software to try to retrieve the photo from his computer. I felt so terribly guilty. To this day, I still feel bad inside."
Albert only gave us 1 star because of that experience, but hey—his story was priceless. :)

The most frequent request we receive is for "more ghosts." The new version contains plenty of that, with even more to come.

All future updates (and there are already some great ones in the works) will be completely free, as Ghost Capture continues to grow. Help support GDE by getting it now, and let us know what you think! Don't forget to check out the Gallery to see what users around the world have submitted, and submit your own creations!

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