Monday, February 22, 2010

Ticket Confusion? This Should Help...

We've gotten some questions about purchasing tickets from the DCIFF website, which could be confusing at times; so we wanted to clarify things a bit. There was also some confusion about exactly what's being shown during the March 14th 4:30-7:30 block that includes Ghosts Don't Exist, and when our film will actually start. Hopefully this will help:

"Twilight Zone" is merely the THEME of the 4:30 block that we're in—it's not a film itself. The DCIFF schedule lists "Twilight Zone, Animation, 109 minutes," which may have added to the confusion. In reality, there are only two short films (2-minutes and 7-minutes, respectively) that will run before Ghosts Don't Exist (which is 100 minutes long).

There will also be a Q & A session with the filmmakers, and time to mingle!

Thanks for your support, and we certainly look forward to seeing you all at the premiere!

~ The team at 19th + Wilson

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