Monday, September 6, 2010

Eerie HorrorFest

Horror fans have probably heard of a popular fest called the "Eerie Horror Film Festival", and back in February we submitted GDE to them -- that seems like so long ago. Last night, the team received an email from Greg Ropp, President of the festival. Some highlights from his email were:

"After months of accepting film submissions from all around the globe, our call for entries has ended and our judges have turned in their final scores."

Then he went on to say, "The simple act of entering your film into a competition proves to me that you are serious about your vision and that you are passionate about your art. Whatever the result may be - keep making movies! There are NO losers or rejects here. Period. To those who are selected - congratulations are in order! Your films were stand outs within the hundreds of films we received this season. No small feat."

The result...

GDE is an official selection of the 2010 Eerie Horror Film Festival!

Road trip anyone? We're excited and hope to see some of you in Erie. Oh, and some of you we'll see this weekend at the Shadowroom.

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