Friday, December 10, 2010

Ghost Capture...creeping into the news again!

Someone in Louisiana seems to have come up with their own unique spin on the Ghost Capture phenomenon... That, or there's a very creepy animal wandering the Baton Rouge woods these days!

NBC33 ran this story on what was purported to be a freaky image that showed up on a hunter's deer stand camera. Now that one is definitely not a Ghost Capture creation. But funny enough, one such Ghost Capture denizen did make it into the broadcast. Check out the photo submitted by a viewer at the 0:55 mark:

As our resident "ghosts" continue to gain exposure, we'll continue to populate the app with fresh new faces, metaphorically speaking. Have you downloaded the latest version yet? We're up to 30 ghosts, with many more to come in future updates in the new year!

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