Monday, April 27, 2009

And so it begins...

The producers, cast, and crew of 19th + Wilson's Ghosts Don't Exist are excited to launch this official blog—where we'll be sharing behind-the-scenes news throughout the production of the film!

Much has been happening since casting in March, and now we're less than a week away from shooting! With so much focus going into pre-production, updates to and can't happen as frequently as we'd like. The blog, however, will allow us to stay in touch on a regular basis, and provide exclusive content long before it makes it onto the special features reel of the DVD!

We'll be updating live from the set, posting interviews with cast and crew,
and much more. Watch the cast participate in an actual paranormal investigation with the DCMAG team, see rehearsals, outakes, and more!

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  1. Looking forward to keeping track of the filming and possibly participating as well; Best of luck to the cast & crew!