Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Garner House: a Sneak Peek

Today was move-in day for key members of our production team, as they begin setting up shop at the "Travis Garner House" location, which plays a central part in the film. Here's your exclusive sneak peek at the 18th-century home in Leesburg, VA, which will also serve as base camp for the duration of the shoot. Much of our blogging will take place right here on the site.

We've toured the location num
erous times in the past several weeks, and are thoroughly impressed with how well it complements the script. The exterior... the layout of the rooms... it's all very much what Eric had in mind when he wrote the story—and it's going to translate wonderfully to film.

It's worth mentioning that there were actually several viable options for the Travis Garner
House, but this was our top choice from the moment we saw it.

There was another home that stood out to us—not so much for its physical characteristics or location, but for what was waiting for us inside. Only one item remained in the vacant, foreboding old manor—this antique wheelchair, resting in a kitchen corner. Is that the stuff of nightmares, or what?

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