Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The GDE iPhone App!

Ghosts Don't Exist is a first for 19th + Wilson on a number of fronts. It's our first feature-length film, and our first time working in high-def. It's also the first of our projects to spawn an official iPhone app!

Ghost Capture is a cool little application we designed ourselves, in the spirit o
f the film (no pun intended.) In short, it allows you to create realistic "paranormal" images right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Here's the description from the iTunes App Store:

With Ghost Capture, you can manipulate any photo from your iPhone photo album. After choosing an image, (or taking a new photo directly through Ghost Capture) select a ghost to superimpose onto the photo. Choose from creepy Victorian children, faceless torsos, Civil War soldiers, ghostly orbs, and more. After placing the ghost, adjust the size, rotation, and transparency to achieve the optimum effect. Save and email your creation to your friends, and let them judge for themselves!

You'll be surprised at how creepy some of your own photos become. Transparent, creepy Victorian children and faceless torsos do have that effect, you know.

There's currently a page of 10 different "ghosts" to choose from, and we'll be adding plenty more in future updates.

The app is available on iTunes for .99 cents, with all earnings going to the film.
So please help out by purchasing it and giving it a solid rating! Even if you don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can still purchase the app through iTunes, if you'd like to help support us anyway. (And for when you do finally get that iPhone.) ;)


  1. Buying and loading. Happy to support your efforts!

  2. You guys want me to take a picture when I first wake up? Then we can put it on the downloadable scary images!

  3. who is the app developer for this? I would like to talk to him or her.....

  4. Ah thats well unfair, could you make it for markerplace (windows mobile)???

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