Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghost Capture: Movin' On Up!

If you haven't downloaded Ghost Capture for your iPhone yet, there's never been a better time to do it. In honor of Halloween, it's available FREE until November 1st!

Our fun, paranormal photo manipulator is officially a hit—it's just cracked the coveted Top 20 free photography apps and is currently at #14! How awesome is that?!

However, now we really need your help RATING it in the iTunes store. Of the 4000+ who've downloaded it globally so far, only a hundred or so have actually given it a rating. If you enjoy the app, please take a moment to give it a good rating on iTunes—every new download helps spread the word about Ghosts Don't Exist, and that's the ultimate goal!

We're also in the process of planning the first major update for the app, so keep your eyes peeled. We've literally been receiving thousands of creepy images from Ghost Capture users around the world—which you can now browse through in the new Ghost Capture Gallery at the official site! Keep those freaky fotos coming!