Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All Roads Lead to Jimmys Old Town Tavern

Always the quintessential showman, Jimmy Cirrito of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern arrived on set shortly before midnight with the most amazing spread of goodies: Jamaican jerk chicken & rice (mmmm!!), Jimmy's signature pierogies, kielbasa, veggies, salad, brownies, bread pudding, fresh baked mini French loaves, soft drinks -- TONS of food, glorious food.

All of our food sponsors are special. But Jimmy is extra special because he's linked into the production team in at least three ways. Not surprising, considering how involved Jimmy's Tavern is in the community.

I thought of Jimmy as a potential sponsor having worked with him twice before when he sponsored the 2003 & 2005 Herndon Historical Society living histories re-creating fabled Civil War partisan ranger John Singleton Mosby's raid on Herndon Station. As the reenactment organizer, I worked closely with Jimmy and we dressed him as one of Mosby's men, known only to history as "Jimmy the Irishman". This seemed aposite, as the raid happened on St. Patrick's Day in 1864. He got into the role and was a total good sport, even when my elderly but high spirited horse Katie decided to give him a somewhat unscheduled ride down the W&OD trail. (whee!)

I suggested Jimmy to Producer Aaron Goodmiller and Director/writer Eric Espejo and it turned out that 19th & Wilson's very first experimental short was filmed on location AT JIMMY'S and they're all great buddies.

Holy cow. Small world! But it gets better.....

The third piece of the puzzle is that Christy Cooley's dad, Scott ("Skip") Olgevee's band regularly plays at Jimmy's. When I offered to get Jimmy a photo op with Chris & Christy for the restaurant wall, he told me that they were already up there!

Damn, this guy knows EVERYBODY!

Christy was visiting set when Jimmy and his assistant Pam delivered the food, so it was big hugs all around and a mini-reunion on many levels. And enough food to feed an army. (Yum! Killer bread pudding!)

Filming night scenes means working some fairly oddball hours. For the last two days we've been pulling all-nighters, starting work at 7 pm and finished at 6 am. For those not in the film industry, the first meal break (customarily 6 hours after starting work) is always "lunch" regardless of whether it is served at noon or at 3 am. Not many restaurants are willing to have you pick up "lunch" at midnight much less deliver it to set. Jimmy's Old Town Tavern is pretty damned special - and the eponymous Jimmy Cirrito is one kick-ass caterer.

If you're ever near Herndon, VA and hungry or thirsty, Jimmy's is THE place to go. Tell him that Team GDE said hi!
-- Kathryn Coombs, Unit Production Manager / Production Designer

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  1. Bravo, Jimmy!

    I'm already looking forward to a "GDE Tour" of ALL of our food sponsors after we wrap up production—perhaps a nice little weekly get-together with cast + crew at each of these wonderful establishments. ;)