Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leftovers Don't Exist, Part III

As we've been reporting, the food on the set of Ghosts Don't Exist has just been one treat after another... and we're overwhelmed with appreciation! Cast and crew get to enjoy two sponsored meals a day, and as we enter our 8th day of filming on Sunday, we're in for another encore performance from one of the maestros—Jack Azar, who owns three of the wonderful restaurants that have so generously sponsored our production: Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria, South Riding Inn, and Manhattan Pizza. In fact, Jack has sponsored not one, not two, but eight full meals for our team of 40+ people—and that's amazing.

This past Friday night, everyone was raving about the pork tenderloins and mashed potatoes from South Riding Inn. (It was a fantastic follow-up to the huge pizzas from Manhattan Pizzeria for lunch.) The night before, it was the Brooklyn Bros. pasta that won the oohs and ahhs.

After 7 full days of filming with this terrific group, it's wonderful to see the friendships and camaraderie beginning to blossom. And a big part of that is owed to the quality time we get to enjoy together over good food. We're extremely appreciative of folks like Jack and his family who are helping to not only support our film, but have in effect helped shape the dynamic of our team.

I hear that tomorrow is Brooklyn Bros. day again, and I'm stoked. It's almost a shame that my New York City spoon rings are no longer spoons— they might have helped me score an extra serving or two of pure awesome.

And on the subject of the movie itself, Sunday promises to be another pivotal day in the production. Crucial scenes with the full ensemble cast!

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  1. Agreed! You guys have done a great job at getting incredible food so generously fed to us. We all deeply appreciate it and look forward to each meal... and not because you starve us for 12 hours at a time, but because it's that good!