Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 1: Rocking the Red

Okay, so the RED One camera is an utterly amazing piece of filmmaking equipment. And on this first day of shooting Ghosts Don't Exist, it did not disappoint. Not in the least.

It sat alone in a darkened anteroom of the Travis Garner House location this morning, attracting curious cast and crew alike. Eric joked that the camera itself was the celebrity diva of the set: We were to knock before entering the room where the RED was staying... We were to never look directly at the RED...

In all seriousness, having such a valuable tool (in every sense of the word) at hand makes an incredible difference. Its quality is immediately apparent, and just getting a glimpse of the actors at work in such a truly cinematic setting is inspiring to all. There were very few retakes necessary of the roughly 15 scenes we shot today. Throughout the entire day, we found ourselves not only on schedule, but ahead of schedule. And most importantly, getting some terrific footage from some amazing performances. Cast and crew were just as energized at wrap as they were at first call this morning—a testament to the day's success. 1st Assistant Director Gavin Peretti and Script Supervisor Jean-Paul Chreky both commented that it was the easiest first day of filming they'd experienced. That's something we couldn't have pulled off without a first-rate effort from an awesome team. (And an awesome camera.) Thanks to you all!

Tomorrow: filming at Chris Cooley's house. Let the awesomeness continue. ;)


  1. I have yet to feast my eyes on a RED camera. I'm still dealing with my little Sony HD mini DV that Aaron coerced me into purchasing from his Amazon store last year...curses! Congrats fellas. Looking forward to more!

  2. woo hoo, we're ahead of schedule!!
    -- Kathryn