Thursday, May 14, 2009

MEET THE CREW: 1st AD Gavin Peretti

Director Eric Espejo with 1st AD Gavin Peretti

One of the first things Gavin Peretti told the cast and crew at our kick-off meeting was that he'd be talking a lot on set. A lot. He said, and I quote, "You're going to be sick of hearing my voice."

Gavin wasn't exaggerating. As 1st AD, his has been the alpha voice on set, bar none. Whether it's echoing through the halls of the 18th-century Travis Garner House location in person, or blasting digitally through our walkies, Gavin's voice has been a constant. But I really don't think that anyone is actually sick of it—it's a nice voice. And an entertaining one, to boot.

After a few days on set, we know the progression of the calls by heart:
— "Okay, rehearsal's up!"
— "Quiet for rehearsal!"
— "Settle, everyone, settle please!"
— "Okay, guys, picture's up!"
— "Quiet on the set!"
— "Roll sound!"

At this point, everyone knows to stop what they're doing and remain as quiet as possible. The scene is being filmed, and there can be no noise until Gavin relays the call:


And boy, does Gavin relay that call.

Perhaps more than anything else, the sound of Gavin yelling an exaggerated "CUUUTTTTTTTTT!!!" on walkie will resonate with cast and crew long after production wraps on Monday. It's an infectious term, the way Gavin uses it. "CUUUTTTTTTTTT!!!" We actually look forward to it. Not only because it means we're free to make noise again, but because we can repeat it in our best Gavin impersonations. (Which Donnie Aros wins hands down, by the way.)

Gavin's leadership on set has also been infectious. He's keeping the production on schedule, the actors focused, and the crew enthusiastic. In every sense of the term, he's a true MVP on set.

The skill Gavin has acquired behind the camera is undoubtedly due in part to his skills in front of it. Check out his trailer for Melancholamorbis.
He also plays the lead in what promises to be another fantastic film, the highly anticipated Red Legged Devils—the story of the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry, one of the most decorated and respected units of the American Civil War.

Another key aspect of Gavin's personality is his tirelessness. We've had our share of all-nighters, and his energy level has yet to waver. In fact, we haven't even seen him yawn. This makes him—and his voice—the perfect instrument to rouse any fading crewmembers a
t 4AM, as a resting Buzz Mooney recently found out.

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