Sunday, May 17, 2009

Godzilla Doesn't Exist

A wry Ed Mantell sidled up to my desk earlier this evening, alerting me to keep an eye out for a photo he'd just emailed.

It was a great photo, too—one he'd just snapped of cinematographer Kuni Ohi modeling a hard hat and striking a Godzilla-esque pose... while sitting on an apple box.

Ed thought I'd enjoy Photoshopping it during some rare downtime. He thought correctly. ;)

We're winding down Day 14—the last day here at the Travis Garner House set—and we're all a little punchy. (As evidenced by the Photoshopping of our esteemed DP, among other shenanigans.) We're actually looking to wrap a little after midnight tonight, which should give us all an added psychological boost going into the final day of filming tomorrow. The sun has been coming up at wrap time the past few mornings, so we're definitely feeling pretty good tonight.

Tomorrow, we'll probably be feeling even better. ;)

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