Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We're in the midst of our very first overnight shoot on the set of GDE, and so far so good. The mood has been at least as buoyant as it typically is during the day—maybe more so. It certainly doesn't feel like it's 2:30AM, especially after having just enjoyed the wonderful shrimp curry Samantha made for the crew. Although, our senses are definitely getting a workout tonight/this morning—the house now smells like bacon. (Samantha immediately started on breakfast.)

There's plenty of laughter and focus downstairs, and Devon, Fred, and Josh are on their game knocking out some difficult scenes.

One clue to the time, however, is that Cinematographer Kuni Ohi just officially asked for the first caffeine pill of the night. This prompted a word of nostalgic caution from editor Matt West—"Don't end up like Jessie Spano..."

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