Friday, May 15, 2009 -- Cool Spooky Props!

The props on this show have been amazingly complicated and way-cool - just ask Art Director Ed Mantell -- and I'll vouch as Production Designer. On our limited budget we couldn't begin to round up all this stuff without the kind sponsorship of various companies and organizations. John Warfield and our friends at DCMAG (DC's premier ghost hunter group) have lent us thousands of dollars worth of ghost-hunting equipment - EVP recorders, K2 meters,EMF meters, etc etc. A local contractor came in and filmed footage with a $20,000 FLIR thermal camera (more about him later - he gets his own blog).

Tonight, another fun prop gets its moment in the spotlight. Or, actually, it IS the spotlight. The Flash Fright Pro remote controlled flashlight has its scene tonight -- courtesy of Jeff Londos and the great folks at manufacturers / distributors Monster-Tronics has an amazing website - they're this huge online boutique / clearing house for just about everything scary you can imagine. Need a spooky prop for your movie, your haunted house attraction or for Halloween? These are THE guys to call.

Thanks Jeff and everybody at Monster-Tronics. We really appreciate your help and sponsorship in making this scene work for camera. ("What scene?" viewers may ask... Wait and see the movie!)

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