Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Home Stretch

We're in the waning hours of Day 13 of our 15-day shoot, and it's starting to hit us—we're actually almost done. Last night was a picture wrap for Katie Foster and Kendra North, a sign that we're definitely in the home stretch. Tonight, Aaron began having the cast and crew sign a copy of the script—a tradition we at 19th + Wilson have enjoyed since our very first short film. A tradition started by our dear friend and fellow producer, the late Edwin Pontanilla.

We've been shooting Ghosts Don't Exist since May 2nd, and the time has absolutely flown by. It's true, what they say about having fun. The past 72 hours or so have been a literal blur, mainly due to the nocturnal schedule we've been on this week. And while seeing the end of the project
in sight (this phase of it, at least) is exciting, it's also somewhat bittersweet.

We're going to miss these days on set. We're going to miss this little makeshift production office at the Travis Garner House location, and walking through the rain-soaked yard to our vehicles at 5AM. (Well, maybe not that part.)

We're definitely going to miss the thrill of shooting at Chris Cooley's house. And we're going to miss the wonderful catered meals we've been enjoying twice a day. But most of all, we're going to miss the people—this amazing cast and crew who are making the film a reality.

This is by far the largest production team 19W has assembled to date, and it's been a blast coming to work with this group of 40-plus—throughout the rain, the heat, and the ungodly hours. And somehow, we're down to just a little over 36 hours left. Almost there...

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